Museums Association of the Caribbean Conference: The Power of Museums 2023

Members of the ICOM Barbados Executive Committee were delighted to participate in the 2023 Museums Association of the Caribbean conference The Power of the Museums! MAC and ICOM have a close relationship and it was wonderful to connect with our colleagues and share in our work!

30th ICOFOM LAC Regional Meeting 2022

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History of Museology in Latin America and the Caribbean 2022-2023

The International Committee for Museology – ICOFOM and its Regional Subcommittee for Latin America and the Caribbean – ICOFOM LAC, has indicated, based on the latest publications and seminars, an interest in promoting a broader view of the history of Museology. We intend to recognize and disseminate the diversity of theories and critical thoughts that constitute the museological field, in its international domain, in order to expand knowledge and exchanges between professionals and specialists from different regions of the world.
In this sense, we consider it important to highlight the way in which some institutions have performed, seeking the specific theoretical and methodological development of Museology in Latin American and Caribbean countries, and the challenge of archiving and disseminating its trajectory in its local context and its expertise with the collections that testify to its processes. The current project, organized by ICOFOM LAC, consists of enhancing archives both in the development of the discipline of Museology (Museum Studies) in university courses, as well as its presence in museums and/or museum bodies.


Caribbean Conversations in Conservation Seminar Series 2020-2021